P-Square’s Peter Okoye Chills Out With Street Beggars in Canada

Peter Okoye, one half of brotherly Nigeria music superstar duo P-Square took time out to chill out with a duo of street musical performers/beggars. Taking a break from tour in the North American country, Peter was pictured sitting and smiling with the two musicians, a harmonicist and and guitarist. They had an open guitar case in front of them for donations, as they played.

Keeping it Simple: Peter Okoye and some street musicians

Keeping it Simple: Peter Okoye with some street musicians in Canda. Photo Courtesy: Tiwasblog

Some bloggers decided to scoff at the fact that the beggars were caucasian and live in a developed western country such as Canada, making comparisons with the street beggars in Peter’s home in Nigeria.

Did Peter take the picture to educate people back home that street beggars are not only found in Africa, or not always black. Who knows?

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