Big Crowd For African Music Show

Gumboot dancing is a form of communication that workers in South Africa’s gold mines once used so their bosses couldn’t overhear or understand. It evolved into a form of entertainment in South Africa that is now performed worldwide.”I think it’s really interesting to like let our school bring somebody from Africa here,” said German student Kim Arnold. “Because you can see different cultures just like learning about cultures and maybe having fun with them, like the dance styles and original things. It’s really interesting.””I really love the mix of cultures,” said German parent Christiane Jorkisch. “And the place where we live is just the same, with all different internationalities. Yeah, I mean Africa is very welcome to join. We really really like it.”The show also included a band from Mauritius and a South African choir that has won three Grammy Awards. The organizers say they want to bring different cultures into Shanghai’s international communities as a way for people to learn and understand each other better.This year, we were very fortunate to make this African Theme event,” said Western International School’s marketing Director Shelley Bragg, who is from South Africa. “So we decided to make it just a great event just to celebrate the whole content of Africa. I mean we’ve got groups from I think four different African countries.”It’s the first of many collaborations to come, said South Africa’s acting Consul-General Thabo Thage. “So we look forward to many more collaborations to bring in South African culture, arts and other important aspects of what makes South Africa such a great country.”The school has more than 700 international students from nearly 45 countries. The headmaster says it will continue to expose them to more cultures from all over the world. And he says that happens not only in classrooms, but also in social activities like Saturday night’s event.

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