Archive | September 24, 2013

More & More Kenyan Celebs Vow To Head Back To Westgate Mall

This morning, Chim told you how celebrated radio presenter, Maina wa Kageni, declared that he will be the first person to return to Westgate Mall. And now in a move to prove wrong the terrorists, more and more celebs are jumping on the bandwagon declaring their intentions to head back to the Westgate Mall immediately […]

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Rokia Traoré’s “Beautiful Africa” Now Available Worldwide

Today marks the release of singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Rokia Traoré’s new album, Beautiful Africa, in the United States. The record, which was released internationally earlier this year to critical acclaim, was produced by English musician John Parish. Beautiful Africa’s lyrics are sung in Traoré’s native languages of French and Bambara, as well as some English. The album […]

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