Ghana’s Juliet Ibrahim Finally Breaks Into Hollywood, on African Time?

Well, the actress is not yet in Hollywood but her journey to Hollywood is yet to be accomplished. Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim is upping her game as she stars in an American production. Titled ‘African time’, the movie features Hollywood acts, Syr Law of Tyler Perry’s ‘Diary of a Mad Black Woman’ and Tasia Grant also known for Tyler Perry’s ‘Meet the Browns’.

The title is a phrase used to describe the relaxed attitude that many Africans exhibit towards time. It seems to have become our culture and no matter how punctual event organizers try to be, most Africans respond few hours after the specified start time.

Ironically, many Africans that are late to various social events are seldom late to work and to other engagements of interest. This story humorously explores the issue of late coming among Africans and unveils some possible solutions for the infamous African Time.

Source: Yemoh Ike|

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