Stella Mwangi: – Got a shock when I heard about the terror

Stella Mwangi has been on the terror-stricken shopping center in Kenya several times.

On The Next Move: Stella Mwangi

Saddenned: Stella Mwangi

“Oh my god, it was just awful to hear about it. …And the shopping center is a popular shopping center, a bit like Oslo City, so when I heard about it I was completely shocked”, said Stella to Good Evening Norway”.

The singer is originally from Kenya. When she got the news that armed attackers took hostages and killed many at a shopping center in Nairobi on Saturday afternoon , she had to check that none of her own family was involved.

“Fortunately, none of my family members or friends were there. It is a place I always tend to go.” said Stella.


69 people are reported to have died and 63 are still missing after the attack on the mall in Nairobi. The drama is still not over, but the hostages are out of the building. Ten people have been arrested, and two terrorists were killed.

“It was disgusting to look at ite. Whenever something like this happens … It’s so unfair, sacrificing innocent people” Stella exclaimed.

“My thoughts go out to the ones who have lost someone, it’s never easy to lose someone.” she added.

In January last year, Stella lost her father when he was struck and killed by a driver who ran away from the scene.


Stella Mwangi is in the second season of Norwegian series “What’s in your luggage.” We met her when the program had its premiere party in Oslo Monday night. The series takes presenter Noman Mubashir and  celebrities to various parts of the world to find their roots.

“It was very educational to learn more about my culture, we learned a lot about my tribe, the Kikuyu, the oldest tribe in Kenya … And then we were at my grandparents, so of course you can not say no to it” Stella said.

The series will visit several of Stella’s roots in Kenya.


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