X-Rated Kenyan Music Video Faces Ban Even Before Release

Last week, Kisumu-based rapper, Xpat Mkwanja released the teaser for his X-rated music video, “Tear It Up” and what is contained therein can only be likened to Jamaican ragga videos. Yeah, nudity sells but sometimes not so, as you’re about to find out.

Earlier this year, Citizen TV banned P-Unit and Collo’s “You Guy” video on grounds that it was a bit too much for a GE –rated TV. And true to its word, the SK Macharia-owned TV station never played the video for its viewers. Well, that’s what Xpat may be facing.

Pundits are now warning that if proper editing is not done on the video, “Tear It Up” faces a possible ban on national TVs for “being too sexy”. Watch the trailer below and be the judge;

Source: Jeff Omondi:Ghafla.co.ke

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