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Change: Lady Z

Change: Lady Z

Since Lady Z left Rush six years ago, this determined young singer has been trying to make it in the US.

About a year ago she hooked up with members of Kool and the Gang, a successful group who have been together since 1969.

They have subsequently added discovering talent and developing artists to their resumé. And they have big plans for Lady Z. The first thing they told her was to lose the stage name and return to her real name, Nizreen.

Her team consists of a company called CMCA, which is the promoter and former manager of people like Larry Holmes, Conimac and Kool member Clifford Adams jr.

Speaking from his office in New Jersey, Adams began the story: “We connected with Nizreen through Conimac, who is my business partner. When I saw her I thought, ‘wow, this lady has talent’. We sent her a song we wrote for our new album, Kool for the Holidays. She wrote the lyrics and sang them. The album is being released worldwide on November 6.”

The track is called Rejoice – Christmas Is Here and Nizreen is the only artist from South Africa to sing on the album. There is also a South African violinist, Ilse Van Wyk, who features on two tracks. The third South African connection is that the album is released through…read more on

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