Right now Africans could probably be a step ahead on dance creation in the black music scene, an art that is normally dominated by Jamaicans with their dancehall-reggae moves. After the likes of Azonto, Alkayida, Neke-Neke, Skelewu among others have dominated the scene, UK-Based LDNC have decided to add their own Zagada dance to the Afrobeats dance catalogue.
The dance is accompanied by a catchy party song. They made a video which can be seen below. Watch and it and let us know whether or not you think it’s too early to say, F*ck off Azonto, enter Zagada!

You can follow LDNC on twitter @LDNCOFFICIAL

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  • julie

    zagada kuduuu, love the way they dance to this. we need more males to dance like this lol

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