The Bassline announces partnership with Content Connect Africa

In a partnership that is a game-changer for the African music industry, The Bassline music venue and content aggregator Content Connect Africa (CCA) have announced a partnership that will bridge the gap between live performance and the digital space.

With The Bassline set to become an aggregator of African music content, a whole new world of opportunities is being opened up to unsigned African musicians.

The partnership between these two giants within their respective fields makes perfect sense within the new parameters of the global music industry. As Brad Holmes, founder and director of The Bassline explains, “live is all that is left” of the old music industry paradigm, and therefore linking to digital and mobile distribution is the perfect solution.

This partnership between some of the most respected and trusted names in the African music scene was forged out of a long-term working relationship and a passion for African music shared by Brad Holmes and CCA’s Antos Stella, formerly the CEO of Gallo Record Company’s local division. These two stalwarts of the music scene have worked with just about every top South African and African artist over the past 20 years and have developed reputations based on respect, trust and innovation. As founding partners in The Bassline Africa Day Concerts, Holmes and Stella have now formed a new partnership that will see them taking African musicians into the lucrative world of digital distribution.

The Bassline can now offer unsigned African artists the opportunity to have their music distributed by CCA, the biggest African music content aggregator, supplying all of the mobile networks, handset providers, and iTunes. However, the opportunities extend beyond digital distribution to tie-in directly with live performance promotion of shows at The Bassline.

Artists can now offer fans at their Bassline shows immediate access to their music via short codes pushed out through various platforms. Fans can purchase advance tickets with bundled songs, download the music during the show and then share their recommendations with friends.

The Bassline will be creating a host of innovative promotions to connect the live performance space with the digital download space, opening up a world of possibilities for literally hundreds of artists from South Africa and the rest of the continent.

The first event showcasing this new partnership will be on Saturday, 23 November at The Bassline at The Zim Music Festival. This event will see a range of top Zimbabwean artists headlined by Alick Macheso. Fans will be able to download Alick Macheso’s music on the night and also receive special promotional specials.

The second event will take place on Saturday, 30 November at a showcase of West African music featuring musicians from Ghana, Nigeria and Benin. The show is called West Night and will feature Eindo (Nigeria), John Germain (Ghana), Tony Harmony (Nigeria), Queen Change (Nigeria), Nomdakazana (SA) and more. All these artists’ music will be available for download and specials on the night.

The third event to take place will be on Saturday, 7 December where Congolese act Vox Disposal will be showcased. This music will also be available for download on the night.

Going forward, The Bassline plans to rollout the digital offering to artists and fans at just about all major African music events.

This initiative is part of the road to Bassline Africa Day.

For more information, email Andrew Poane at or phone 011 8289145.

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