BBC: Nigeria’s thriving art and music scene

Nigeria Music Scene Thriving

Nigeria Music Scene Thriving

News from Nigeria often concentrates on corruption in politics, fighting with the Boko Haram militants in the north and unrest in the oil-producing Delta region – but Africa’s most populous nation has also quietly become a hotbed for the arts.

The big band was rehearsing in the sauna. At least, that is what it felt like in a cramped room at Lagos’s School of Music.

It was packed with young musicians who, despite the heat, were giving it their all whilst paying close attention to the conductor, Tony Chiafor – a retired lieutenant commander from the Nigerian navy.

By the end of a rousing rendition of the tune, Onward Together, the saxophonists and flautists, as well as trumpet, clarinet and trombone players were all… click here to continue to read on BBC

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