VIDEO ALERT: King David The Great- Slow Wine

“SLOW WINE “is a collective infusion of Authentic AFRICAN sounds merged with a little CARIBBEAN twang!

It fuses the robust musical talent, of both King David the Great and Kyle Lettman .
The song is 3minutes and 30seconds of “pure Bliss to the eardrums”, prompting “explosive gyration to the rhythmic waist line!”
It gives listeners no other option than to obey the Lyrics of the song and “SLOW WINE”

The Slow Wine Official Music Video

The video itself is set as an alliance of the futuristic and the archaic. It’s moody backdrop juxtaposed against the upbeat tempo and light-hearted lyrics, really makes it a welcome departure from the typical party video. It is also a clear indication of the substance that lies below the frivolous – there is a lot more to come from King David the Great.

The video is shot by Akili films a Tokyo based film company, who have a reputation for shooting high profiled Kung fu moves such as Hero, Black scorpion, the legend to name a few.

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