Two Big Cissoko Releases

Sousou Cissoko and her husband Maher Cissoko are a musical couple who definitely drum, or more appropriately strum to their own beat. In 2011 I saw them perform in Mali and admired the way they captured their audiences. Their music was tight and original too, but we didn’t meet back then so I was excited to learn that they were going to be my guests on Music Time in Africa. It’s not every day one hears a Swedish/Senegalese duo making beautiful, original music.

After performing at the House of Sweden on October 20th Sousou and Maher Cissoko joined me the following day on Music Time in Africa where they gave a live performance of three songs.

Sousou is pregnant and they talk about their two big new releases – one being their baby and the other being their forthcoming CD. They also tell us the fascinating story of the making of their 2011 album Stockholm-Dakar. But words can only say so much, so watch the video and get to know this fabulous couple.

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