Fuse ODG Living and Loving the Limelight, He Was On Sky Sports This Morning

Fuse ODG alongside Carew on Soccer AM

Fuse ODG alongside John Carew on Sky’s Soccer AM

In the UK, Sky Sports is the primary home of television football. There is no bigger sport, specifically football showcase platform than Sky Sports Network in UK and the world. For diaporaw.net, it is an amazing sight to see a face that is representing African music headlining on a program there. Just when a lot of people are not at work and probably inside the comfort of their homes…some out at church maybe, some at football games, probably, Fuse got a chance to show his face on the Soccer AM lounge sofa, alongside former Aston Villa, Stoke and West Ham striker John Carew, who had been recorded a video of him and his son dancing to Fuse’s super hit Antenna.

On the sofa, Fuse spoke about how he felt the first time when he heard that Million Pound Girl had reached the UK top 10, the cause of his support for Bolton Wonderers, his friendship with Emmanuel Adebayor and reason for switching to supporting Tottenham Hotspurs, and even more.

The TV crew and Fuse later moved to the pitch to do some football moves, at which Fuse posted a ‘striking shot’ video on facebook, while saying

Ha! Had fun on Soccer AM this morning…I SMASHED THE ‘CHAMPIONS LEAGUE’ lol took me back to my footballing days #TINA #AfricaOnMainstream

Follow the link below to watch the interview…


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