VIDEO ALERT: FOKN BOIS – Coz Ov Moni 2 (FOKN Revenge)|@wanlov & @mensamusic aka @FOKNBOIS Are Coming Back For Revenge.

One would probably be forgiven for asserting that Mensa and Kubolor, also known as the FOKN BOIS are a pair of comedians. No they are certainly not, they are full time rappers…who are quite vengeful too, so watch out for what you say. After releasing Coz Ov Moni which was jam-packed with never before attempted, dramatic and social commentary tunes, they are now back with Coz Ov Moni 2 (FOKN Revenge). Watch the trailer below;

For those who haven’t seen Coz Of Moni (the original), there is no point watching part 2 first. You need to watch part 1 first, which is viewable below. The musical-cum-visual is part coverage of FOKN BOIS’s daily lives in Ghana, part satirical-like coverage of the life and culture of the ordinary Nigerian, part rap music, part art, part culture….infact it’s part everything apart from porn, ummmm….really? The original Coz Ov Moni musical premiered in Ghana and to wide critical acclaim which went on to echo worldwide.

The sad part in the first part of the musical is that the rappers end up left for dead following an attack by a gang and as the video above implies, they are coming back for revenge and more in part 2.

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