Africa’s answer to iTunes aims for 50 million users by 2016

Spinlet CEO Neil Schwartzman (left)

Spinlet CEO Neil Schwartzman (left)

The music streaming services recently hit 650 million registered users, and 50,000 local artists and is aiming for 50 million in the next two years.

Spinlet also partnered with Gracenote, to make all of its artists available on an international database to increase sales of their material via other global channels and partners.

The company says it is focused on meeting the needs of music lovers, enabling them to buy, listen, share and manage music within its mobile platform.

Neil Schwartzman, CEO of Spinlet, told Forbes: “The interesting thing about the music landscape across Africa is only a small per cent are signed to well known African labels or international labels. We found there was about 85 per cent of the music landscape which was undiscovered.”

Its only rivalry in the region is iROKOtv in Nigeria, and Gidilounge – however Spinlet’s advantage is that using the Java client means it can even be run on non-smartphones, widening its reach.

The app can be downloaded now for free.

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