VIDEO ALERT: Andre’i aka Metamore – ‘Cupid Proof’ (18+)|Dancehall Style by @IITSandrei_MWUK

“Cupid Proof” is a track off British-Malawian singer/rapper/emcee/deejay, Andre’i’s just-launched album “Tears of A Clown”, which will soon be available on iTunes. The Reggae-Dancehall like track is certainly consistent with at least one of the styles of Andre’i’s alter-ego Metamore, that Reggae-Dancehall-ish flow, with a bounce beat. However, what seems to be unusual is the braggadocios lyrics that come with the song. Lines such as;

Step to the bar, most of the girls know who we are….they feel like throwing their bras

What’s even more unusual is the raunchiness of the video, with scenes of pole dancing and the like. However this is not the first cheeky video by the growing Andre’i aka Metamore, as he did something similar in One Of A Kind video. Check the Cupid Proof video out below.

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