AUDIO ALERT:Paddy ft Atimbila and Vancy – Gbee Shw3 Mor (Dogs Play)|@PaddyBiribisey

Paddy Gbee shwe morThis one is definitely a party-starter/party-finisher, coming fresh out of the oven, it is called “Gbee Shw3 Mor” aka “Dogs Play”. It has got that Highlife-Hiplife sound to it and a hypnotic element too, which is synonymous with the producer, Moxkito’s vibe. It is something you can dance to, and yet reminisce to while chilling and/or getting by. The vocals are unique and the song is part vibrant and part melancholic, albeit Hiphop-ish. the sound of ghana is not lost in the melodies of the song and it also shows the potential and the dynamism that Africa possesses. It is something that can play to any audience, in any club worldwide. One does not have to understand what the lyrics are saying, but jneed to just go with the groove, enjoy the song below. Click the image to download.

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