10 African hip-hop artists missing from your playlist

Repping Senegal: Daara J Family

Repping Senegal: Daara J Family

ONE OF THE most succinct and articulate quotes on mainstream hip-hop over the past decade came from Erykah Badu and is doing the rounds on social media again. It goes a little something like this:

How y’all gonna stand by and let our music turn into pop techno cornball ass music?

Well Erykah, I don’t know, but I’m sure a lot of hip-hop heads agree. Since that comment was made, there’s been an undeniable expansion in the size of the ass and the frequency of the pop/techno/cornball qualities it dispassionately rides on. Thanks to the infectiousness of the hip-hop movement and its loyal fans and practitioners, though, there’s a global basement of good stuff to explore. In the States alone there’s a massive alternative scene so widely listened to it can hardly be called underground. If you want to look further afield, countries in Europe have for decades been churning out a spectrum of hip-hop varying internally and internationally.

In 2014, cast your eyes southwards if you want to reignite a love affair with the genre. Over the last few years, voices and characters from the African continent have been tagging their names in indelible ink on the walls of hip-hop. You may have heard of Die Antwoord and K’naan, but have you heard of Fokn Bois, Outspoken, or Dirty Paraffin?

Here’s an African hip-hop playlist for you in 2014….click here to continue reading on MatadorNetwork.com

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