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Sexy Nana:Janelia

Sexy Nana:Janelia

Janelia’s “Sexy Nana” song was released on Youtube a few weeks ago and received some very good reviews, now the singer has decided to release a free mp3 download for all her fans.The Nigerian-American singer released a press statement to go with that, and you can read that below;

Wishing you a happy Valentine’s day. Below is a free download link to my new single “Sexy Nana”. For all my fans out there I would like to breakdown the meaning of “Sexy Nana” which is now trending in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria.

“Nana” has several meanings depending on which part of the world it is. In some parts it means grandmother while in West Africa Ghanaians often name a baby girl “Nana”. In Hawaii it is the name of a spring month as well as the name of a star. “Nana” is also of French Creole origin where it stands for “Girl” as in “Babe” or “Chica”. In the context of this song I have adapted the French Creole version. “Sexy Nana” is a smoking hot babe who has the audacity to put her femininity on display; not in a way that belittles her but in the most graceful fashion. Her beauty and sex appeal goes beyond her physical appearance, it is her state of mind. She is confident because she loves her body; not because it’s perfect but because she is aware that it is her temple. For this reason she is comfortable in her skin and when she deems it necessary she will command your attention with her curvaceous figure as she knows how to move it well!  “Sexy Nana” has the ability to receive and provoke ecstasy with absolute certainty.

On this Valentine’s day, I hope the fantasy of you gentlemen is awaken and fulfilled by a “Sexy Nana”.

For the ladies, I hope you have the audacity to be the “Sexy Nana” for your man tonight.

For those of you who are single, no worries, get a FREE download of “Sexy Nana” at JANELIA-SEXY_NANA_MASTER.mp3 and listen to it over and over again. I promise it will give you good vibes. LOL




We are currently working on the music video for “Sexy Nana” and it will be released in mid March. Please stay tuned…


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