VIDEO ALERT:Trevor Noah – African American|Hilarious @Trevornoah

Trevor Noah is undoubtedly a comedic household name in South Africa. He has gathered a legion of fans due to his dynamic social commentary laced with hilarious background stories which are delivered by his flexible tongue at his one man stand-up shows. He has now probably become the biggest comedy export out of Africa based on his recent successful tours of Australia, USA and the UK, where he managed to flip his sets in an innovative manner in order to suit each audience. In Australia, he appeared at the Melbourne comedy festival and got the crowd in stitches with an Australian-centric set. In the UK, he appeared at several of his own shows at different locations and also at the mainstream and world famous “Live at the Apollo” show. In the US he appeared at different shows including mainstream comedy shows such as the David Letterman Show. He also did a full set entitled “African American” and you can watch it below;

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