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Don't Like Stealers: FOKN BOIS

Don’t Like Stealers: FOKN BOIS

Controversial music duo, M3nsa and Wanlov da Kubolor, known collectively as FOKN Bois, have hit hard at the Nigerian music duo, P-Square, for trying to copy the famous Ghanaian Azonto dance.

Since P-Square made public their Alingo song and dance, several Ghanaians have argued that the dance is just a carbon copy of Azonto.

Even though Peter and Paul Okoye—the famous twins who together form P-Square—have openly endorsed the Azonto on a Ghanaian stage, Wanlov and his lyrical twin M3nsa in their movie titled ‘FOKN Revenge’ which is a sequel to ‘Cos Ov Moni’, explicitly dissed P-Square and their Alingo dance.

“Don’t call a small Penguin a Flamingo. Don’t buy Brukina and call it Madingo. F*ck Peter, F*ck Paul, F*ck Alingo,” the FOKN Bois stated in the movie.

When News One caught up with Wanlov on Sunday about that particular scene from the movie, he explained that even though they had never met P-Square on any platform, they had a “beef with the thieves” for trying to steal Azonto.

The second installment of the ‘Coz Ov Moni’ movie continued the story from where it left off in the first one. The movie features stars like Efya, Gyedu Blay-Ambolley, Reggie Rockstone, Macho Rapper and a host of others.

The ‘FOKN Revenge’ was shot in both Ghana and Romania with Wanlov and M3nsa as both executive producers and producers.

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