This is What Happens When Urban African Music Genres Converge

Just a Band

Just a Band

For five days last week, a select group of artistes from four African countries assembled for an experimental project mooted to celebrate the diversity of modern global urban music at the Nairobi Goethe Institute. They were Just a Band from Nairobi, Afrologic from Lagos, DJ Satellite from Luanda and Trust The DJ from Johannesburg.  Together, they undertook a journey through all genres in urban African music – Kuduro, Kwaito, Afro Beat, Dub and others. The event was a follow up to a similar one held last year in April, which brought together artistes from 10 cities in Africa and Europe – Nairobi, Lagos, Johanesburg, Cairo, Luanda, Bristol, Berlin, Kiev, Naples, and Lisbon. The event led to the formation of music without borders concept. Though still forming, project coordinator Moritz Kaspar is excited about what the event has achieved so far and predicts good returns. “It was exciting to hear the cross cultural influences melt into new formations and we are looking forward to a landmark production on conclusion of the project’’ said Kaspar

The project will culminate in an album and live concert in Berlin in October, where the music will be put to test before a live audience.  It will become the first such project to be initiated in Africa, bringing a new level of music experimentation to the world podium. The music project runs concurrently with the screening of a film series dubbed Ten Cities Music Film Screening, inspired by the works of a London film maker who explored the trend in clubbing between 1988-2000.

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