BIG BROTHER AFRICA DRAMA: Singer CK Morgan Goes Mad at “Pokello” via Facebook

To a friend's defence: CK Morgan

To a friend’s defence: CK Morgan

After it had been reported across the internet that former Big Brother Africa contestants and partners Elikem (Ghana) and Pokello (Zimbabwe) had just broken up and Elikem has impregnated a Ghanaian, German Based Designer “Theresa Onnen”, Pokello went on twitter to insult Theresa Onnen ” calling her a bitch and at the same retweeting the insults the fans were making. CK Morgan aka DaFlyBoy, a German born Ghanian-American Singer who also dabbles in rapping and is very close to Theresa Onnen, fired back at Pokello on Facebook and Twitter

This is what he had to say .

Honestly Speaking Pokello or Whatever her name is , I honestly think its not cool sittin on twitter insultin Theresa Onnen or making fun of her husband I mean who does that ??? mtscheeew I know Theresa very well she would never go around saying shes pregnant (with Elikem’s child) or dating Elikem , Theresa is not the type of person who would do that just to get attention …. You gotta do your homework boo boo ,before u go in on people smh, I mean if you know ur alleged Bf wont cheat on you ,why you Mad for ? dont let your insecurities bother u cus its obvious that at some point u dont even trust ur own man ! Mtscheeew ####GETYOURLIFETOGETHERGIRL####

He also said on his twitter :

You Could have said it in a smartest way ,instead of dissin someone ,never judge a book by its cover ? Get your life together and dont let your insecurities bother you , cause it obviously seems like you dont even trust your own Man


YSL your not even an influence to people out here ,as for a grown woman im very disapointed in you , I mean real wise woman ,would have said it in a good way but what you did is just an epic fail ###2DROPS 1GHC## Mtsheeew tweaa

Meanwhile we are waiting to hear Theresa site of story ! So far, she has only commented on CK’s facebook saying “thx bro God bless you”

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