VIDEO ALERT: Janelia – Sexy Nana

The much anticipated music video for Nigerian-American songstress Janelia’s “Sexy Nana” is here! It was shot in Dupont Circle in Washington, DC U.S.A. Directed by Miguel Asua of Motion Dynasty and edited by the super talented Lex-Ten on the Nigerian soil in the heart of Lagos. Janelia says she decided to go this route because she wanted the music video to have the best of both worlds. On the flip side, the production company who did the filming decided to also edit the video for their portfolio. Now there are two versions of the Sexy Nana music video.

Janelia says

I thought it would be fun to let you the fans decide which version you like the most. Therefore, please vote with your views! After you have watched both videos, please share your favorite video, post a comment on it or watch it multiple times.

and that;

The video with the most views and comments will be the one we push on the TV stations and cable networks. Looking forward to your responses so be sure to post comments, you know I’ll get back to you.

Check the videos out below;
First Edit

Second Edit

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