PHOTO ALERT: Corazon Kwamboka Might Be The African Conquerer of Nicki Minaj and The Likes

Forget Nicki Minaj, forget Kim Kardashian, here is Africa’s own answer to the supposed prowess of the two of them. Her name is Corazon Kwamboka, she is from Kenya and she has the curves and the posterior that will make a lot of so-called curvaceous women look anorexic. Dubbed as a Kenyan socialite, she looks more than a promising video vixen and with her ‘natural’ she has the potential to tell the true African body story to the world and earn herself a remarkable status. What may not be necessarily pleasing to some is the fact that there is a rumour that she has a sex-tape lingering around and that there is a threat to release it by the holder. We hope that that is not the case and if it is, we hope the holder will have enough sense not to release it.

Check Carazon’s pics out below;


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  • Esthar

    Africa has got real talent, western booty is overhyped 😀

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