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On The Loose: CK Morgan

On The Loose: CK Morgan

CK Morgan, a German Born, Ghanaian American Singer who also dabbles as a rapper, was last month caught in a feud with fellow Ghanaian, Jon Germain, where Jon Germain accused the talented upcoming singer/rapper of defrauding him. CK Morgan later took to twitter and Instagram to deny the claims, retorting that “Karma is a bitch. Whatever is in the dark will always come to the light , thanks for the  publicity but the story that was put out there is a big fat lie!”

Since then reports say, CK Morgan’s fans have not been happy, and they kept on persuading CK Morgan to clear the air, while they stood firmly by his side.

CK’s response has come in the name of the song :”Catch me If You Can” since Jon Germain had been claiming that he was hunting for CK . “TALK IS CHEAP” and “ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS” says CK.

He is already set to shoot a video for this song !

in the song, he raps:

Anyways don’t you know my daddy is Obama Who da F..k ,do you think your talking to uh
You wanna s…k my b b b d..K
Maybe next time you will close your mouth uh, U stupid Man ……..

Listen and Download “Catch Me If You Can” using the link below

CK Morgan is due to release his upcoming debut worldwide in June 2014.

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