VIDEO ALERT: Siji – Lagos Lullabye|@SIJIMUSIC Represents Naija

Do you have any idea what Lago, Nigeria is like or sounds like. Siji, a London born Nigerian-American artist has come out to show the world what his home town Lagos is made of. His interesting song “Lagos Lullabye” tells that story. Lacking all sorts of filtering and presenting the true story, the video for the song, as seen below, captures the scenes that many artists fail to capture. The srtist’s reps told us that Siji is;

Showcasing the city in all it’s rugged glory from the backseat of a gypsy cab, Siji takes viewers on a cruise through Africa’s most densely populated metropolis.

Watch out for Siji’s upcoming 2014 album “Home Grown”, for more of Nigeria’s musical profile.

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