Ret-RAW Saturdays: Rozalla Miller – Everybody is Free

this one will never grow old. A lot of people across the globe have at least one or more different versions of it and some may have wondered who is this young and promising musician and where is she from. The voice behind the song is that of Rozalla Miller also known simply as Rozalla, a Zambian born, Zimbabwean raised singer who has topped charts in several countries, not only only with “Everybody is Free” but with various other songs. She was scouted by English producer and manager Chris Sergeant and relocated to London to further her musical career and the rest has been history. Following that she went on to tour wand open for Michael Jackson on his “Dangerous” tour in Europe, around 1994. that story might not have been greatly told but this piece of history can never be written off, check out the original video for the 1991 song “Everybody is Free”

…and the remake.

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