Fuse ODG Scores a Brace As “Dangerous Love” Reaches 200000 Sales

Fuse ODG’s ball is rolling fast, even before he drops his debut album, which we understand will be entitled “TINA”. A couple of days ago, the artist announced via his facebook account that another one of his songs, “Dangerous Love” featuring Sean Paul had sold over 200000 copies, which qualifies it for silver status by UK standards. This matches the status reached earlier on this year by one of his previous singles, which is “Million Pound Girl”. This gives the Afrobeats artist an officially known sales status of 400000 singles, a sign that the genre has a great future. Perhaps that signals a million or more combined sales by end of 2014 for Fuse…

This is how Fuse shared the news

Historical…BIG UP 3BEAT! Teamwork is Dreamwork #ODG @3beatmusic Album dropping soon #TINA

….and shared this post from his record label’s twitter account.

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