Working ‘the field’ to Reap the Benefits of being Zimbabwean

Zimbabwean singer Netsayi flipped the script of an old song by fellow countryman and legendary musician Thomas Mapfumo. Her track ‘Sara Regina’ tells the story of Regina who is urged to stay home and work the field. “Stay where the hard work is, because the implication is that that’s where the biggest gain is,” Netsayi says.

The ‘field’, to Netsayi, is a metaphor for Zimbabwe. “In a way it represents the country,” the singer explains. “There are divided opinions as to how the country should be functioning. But the people who live here love the country and we carry on with still a certain amount of pride of who we are.”

Zimbabwe may be a pariah state, or it may be not, but one day Netsayi thinks she will reap the benefits of being Zimbabwean. And that involves working hard on the field.

Filmed, produced and edited by Serginho Roosblad

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