Ret-RAW Saturdays: Baaba Maal – Yele (Hamady Bogle)|@baabamaal

Baaba Maal is one of Senegal’s gems mainly because of his more than impeccable vocals. At some point in his musical career, his music was reggae-fied to produce a powerful single entitled “Yele (Hamady Bogle)”. In the song, the heavy beat synonymous with likes of 90’s Reggae-Dancehall performed by the likes of Buju Banton, Terror Fabulous, Shabba Ranks among others, can be heard under Baaba Maal vocals. A supposedly Jamaican Reggae-Dancehall toaster was employed to rap and complement Maal’s sweet voice. The video tells it all, the Jamaican teaches school students about Senegal and Africa, while Maal learns to bogle in Jamaica. That was back then, enjoy.

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