Blakk Rasta Pulls Over 20,000 Crowd With Coco Tea In Canada

Rasta Love: Blakk Rasta

Rasta Love: Blakk Rasta

Blakk Rasta has chromed another success story being the first African act booked for the JAMBANA Festival. He has raised the bar and proved to many other Ghana acts that he is a finer and a marketable music  brand on  the international stage when he played on the Jambana Festival in Canada. He shared a very big platform with legendary Reggae singer Coco Tea, Mighty Sparrow and several notable acts at the Markham Fair Gounds which pulled over 20,000 crowd.

The extremely controversial Pan Africanist seems to be at the  helm  of international action according to reports reaching us from Canada and the USA.

Ghana’s premier reggae dub poet  and radio  personality, Blakk Rasta, left the shores of his home country to tour the Americas  with his  latest album , ANCESTRAL MOONSPLASH, which in itself has usurped 7 whooping nominations at the 2014 Bass Awards.

The “Salaga Souljah” as he is affectionaely called on radio was introduced around 7:00pm by MC Luther Brown of Chry FM, the crowd wondered what he had to offer because it was their first time seeing such a uniquely different act on stage.

His hard-hitting Moonsplash reggae immediately captivated the wet audience having been beaten by the summer rain for close to 4 hours. The crowd carefully listened to Blakk Rasta, danced and shouted as the artiste interspersed his performance with African history and commentary regretting Ghana was on the verge of going for a bail out from the IMF despite being blessed with gold, diamond et cetera.

Blakk Rasta touched a raw nerve when he performed his mysterious hit “Zantan Bua” the goat dance. He told the history of the song and jumped into action. The crowed screamed, danced and rocked.

The Salaga Souljah knew when to come off the stage after the alloted 35 minute set. Nevertheless, he was called back when the crowd screamed for more. He came back for the encore and continued with the goat dance before making way for Cocoa Tea to finish the slaughter with hits like “Rikers Island”, “Barack Obama” and others.

Blakk Rasta went  down in  history as the first Ghanaian superstar artiste in recent times to land an encore on a huge international stage and, Canadian newspapers attested to this by the several rave reviews the Ghanaian Moonsplash reggae legend had.

A post interview by Blakk Rasta thanked the organizers for the opportunity and the fans who cheered him on even in the rain. He said organisers had confirmed him again for the next edition of JAMBANA and that, he was more than ready to make mince meat of yet another challenge on a gargantuan international stage.

Blakk Rasta updated his facebook page by saying he recorded a new  song in  Canada called “STORY UNTOLD” (charan charan) which he describes as a ‘monster hit’.

The tour continues as he plays America’s biggest festival, “LABOUR DAY” slated for 28th August at the Bronx Museum.  He is also slated for performances in Jamaica, Belize, Guyana, Trinidad, Morocco, Gambia and  Zanzibar . It looks like the “Moonsplash reggae fever” which is a unique fusion of reggae,  African dances  and sounds created by Zapp Mallet and Blakk Rasta, is sweeping through all these venues like the wild harmattan fire.

Prior to Blakk Rasta Tour abroad, he has already done a nationwide tour of Ghana with his “Ancestral Moonsplash” album. The album rates the most patronized Roots Reggae & Dub in Ghana during its launch; had in attendance lots of corporate personnel to politicians and senior colleague musicians.


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