Idris Elba To Release ‘Mi Mandela’; A Celebration Of South African Music Inspired By Nelson Mandela

Musically Inspired: Idris Elba

Musically Inspired: Idris Elba

Inspired by his recent role as Nelson Mandela in ‘Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom’, Idris Elba has curated, written and produced ‘mi Mandela’, an album of songs which “uncovers some of South Africa’s most gifted yet largely undiscovered world music talents”. Blending South African and British artists, the album will be released on November 24th via 7wallace (Idris’ own imprint)/Parlophone.

‘mi Mandela’ will feature contributions from Mumford & Sons, Nothembi Mkhwebane, Spoek Mathambol, Cody Chesnutt, James Blake, Maverick Sabre, Phuzekhemisi, Mr. Hudson, George the Poet, DJ Spoko, Future History and Mahotella Queens, among others. In a teaser trailer for the album – which can be viewed below, Idris Elba explains how he came to immerse himself in the music of South Africa while shooting ‘Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom.’ “South African music was part of my research. I wanted to understand what music he liked, and so in that journey I discovered the roots of South African music.”

“South Africa has over sixty different tribes and each one has a musical expression, and each one has a very unique, different sound style,” Idris Elba says, “At the time I had my studio at the apartment I was staying in while I was making Mandela – a little keyboard, a laptop – and as an experiment to myself, I vowed to keep making music.”

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