African Designers Show Off Their Cuts At Le Style Fashion Show in North West UK

It was a magnificent Saturday that could not end any better than with a view of some of the finest cuts by African designers. The four designers that came to showcase their designs at the Le Style Fashion Show at the Middleton Arena in Greater Manchester were, Maria with her Hel’Salvador line, Martha Seidu with her Fashion by Marty’s line, Miss Loppy with Miss Loppy’s Designs and the Cherish Collection by Charity. The models graced the catwalk repeatedly with their fancy outfits as the crowd applauded them. One outstanding collection was the space themed kits by Maria for Hel’Salvador. Asked why and how she came up with those designs, Maria said “I got the inspiration from Africa, from the desire to experiment.”

Patrons were treated to food and music. Stalls were available with clothing items accessories, art items and several other goodies for grabs. Damilola, the presenter promised attendees more for next year. Check out more pictures below.

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