Fuse ODG UK Shows Sell Out

Fuse ODG doesn’t seem to do anything wrong. His TINA movement is not being deterred by anything as his dates London, Manchester and Birmingham shows sell out. The London dates are back-to-back at the Under The Bridge venue,  on 25 and 26 October. On the 27th of October, Fuse is at The Manchester Cluhb Academy and at Library, The Institute in Birmingham on the 28th. Fuse posted of his joy about this on facebook, with the words

25TH to 28TH OCTOBER it’s going upppp! #SoldOut #NewAfricaExperience #TINA

and a screenshot of one of his tweet, as seen below.
Fuse ODG Shows Sell Out
This information comes after the official release of Fuse’s TINA single, which is available to download on iTunes via the link below;

Download TINA

The song is doing well in the UK charts, featuring in the top 10 and the album, which is due out in early November 2014 is available for pre-order.

Pre-Order the album here | http://bit.ly/fuseodg-tina

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