VIDEO ALERT: Delasi and MC Kah – Accra Nairobi

Have you ever heard of a rap song called “London New York”, “Paris Berlin” or “Tokyo Beijing” we can’t say the same here at, maybe it’s out there somewhere, but the point we would like to raise is that Africa is indeed coming together big time. A good example of this is the song “Accra Nairobi” by Ghana’s

The 2 dope MC’s do not only do the above, they also address other burning issues in the “Accra Nairobi” song. They talk about everything from class-ism to corruption, all of Africa’s ever-rising woes. In a mix of Ewe,Swahili and English, they speak out about ‘political prostitution’ and a never ending cycle of corruption that seem to be equally manifested in the cities they represent. They address the this negativity with the positivity that is within a part the chorus “we rise”.

In his native Ewe dialect, Delasi asks us to take action; ‘Tso na vu wodu’ which translates: “Get up and free your country!” Africans must hold their leaders accountable just as the Burkinabes are right now.

MC Kah echoes this and reminds listeners of the great heroes of the countries- Kwame Nkrumah and Dedan Kimathi, who fought for their respective nations and Africa as a whole, to attain independence and the common vision of unity.

It’s now our turn, as Kah goes on to say: ‘let them know that their sweat was not in vain, but is the reason that elevates the Ubuntu spirit.
‘Accra Nairobi’ is the new mantra for unity in today’s Africa.

Watch the Johnson Kyalo directed “Accra Nairobi” video below;

Here are links to the song’s download and the artists’ online pages,

MC Kah:

‘Accra Nairobi’ audio link:

‘Accra Nairobi’ video link:


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