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The Sunchild Himself: SIJI

The Sunchild Himself: SIJI

Nigerian-American singer SIJI has released his EP “Sunchild”. The EP is so full of mellow and yet moving tunes, in the names of “You Put A Smile On My Heart” and “Lagos Lullabye”. On the EP, you can hear a hint of Michael Jackson in SIJI’s voice, but it is hard to dissociate his music from Africa, with sax and drum sounds that are synonymous with the Kuti dynasty in the beats. The latter helps draw the message of his inspiration closer, which according to him is his homeland Nigeria. From our view, Children of the Sun is a must have EP for your collection.

SIJI’s team had the following to say to us, about the release;

The stirring singles “Children of the Sun” (remixed by Osunlade) and “This Must Be Love” bear testament to the candid and personal nature of the record which continues to effortlessly blend and showcase distinct elements of SIJI’s rich Yoruba ancestry and his ongoing quest to find a home away from home.

Sunchild is now officially available on Itunes, Bandcamp and other digital platforms;

Bandcamp; http://goo.gl/AuwrmG
Itunes: http://buff.ly/1yUjwkn

Audio Samples; http://goo.gl/AhmKOk
EPK: http://goo.gl/HHLnwk
Web; www.sijimusic.com

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