Fuse ODG Stays Away From Sir Bob Geldof’s Band Aid 30 Track

Standing His Ground: Fuse ODG

Standing His Ground: Fuse ODG

This Is New Africa (TINA) campaigner and artist Fuse ODG made a decision to stay away from the recording and performing of “Do They Know It’s Christmas?”, alongside other members of the super group Band Aid. In what may seem like a snub, Fuse decided to stand his ground in order to avoid having his TINA campaign values mixed up with a message that he didn’t see as positive (see tweets below). Aid songs for Africa, usually feature selected grim stories from the motherland accompanied by a plea message for money, which does not always apply to the whole of the continent. Band Aid, which is now 30 years old is group that operates as such, obviously for good reason, but that way it’s usually hard to separate the thriving Africa from the struggling one. The 2014 line up of the 1984 formed volatile band comprises of some of the biggest names in music, such as members of big bands Bastille, One Direction and Coldplay, Sir Bob Geldof himself, R&B artist Seal, Beninese songstress Angelique Kidjo, pop star Olly Murs among others.
FODG Tweets

Bob Geldof told the BBC’s Newsbeat that Fuse ODG didn’t feature on the new Band Aid 30 track because he “felt awkward” and that he “said change whatever words you like, it’s your thing,”.
He also reportedly said that Fuse’s “thing was you had to be positive about Africa, but then you have Angelique Kidjo and Emeli Sande who were on the same attitude and I said there’s the world’s press, tell them about your point of view.”

“If there’s a line you can’t sing, change it and he said he just felt awkward.”

Fuse is said to bave initially agreed to do the song but changed his mind after receiving the lyrics, which apparently did not agree with his TINA message.

The BBC went on to report that Bob Geldof understands where he’s coming from: “He’s quite right Fuse, this ridiculous image of this continent, seven of the top ten fastest growing economies in the planet are African and of those seven, five are countries where Band Aid operated.”

The single was recorded to raise money for the Ebola crisis in West Africa. Trusted sources have reported that the Band Aid 30 single raises £1 miilion within minutes of (UK TV Show) X Factor debut.

By abstaining from appearing on the single Fuse missed on an great opportunity to reach a wider audience, show his face among big names and network with them at the same time. I guess this goes to show that  the Ghanaian-British artist is certainly genuine and is not chasing fame and personal glory with his TINA message.

Check Out Fuse, performing TINA song at BBC’s 1Xtra live last weekend.

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