VIDEO ALERT: Band Aid 30: ‘I have my own Ebola song’ – Afrikan Boy

ALBUM ALERT: Afrikan Boy – The ABCD

Singing About Ebola: Afrikan Boy

“One Day I Went to Lidl” rapper Afrikan Boy says he “didn’t get the call” to join Bob Geldof’s Band Aid resurrection, but devised a ditty of his own, according to this video by UK’s Channel 4, in which the artist is also featured.

This announcement comes after one of Africa’s contemporary artists Fuse ODG turned down an opportunity to perform the “Ebola” fund-raising campaign song alongside members of Band Aid 30, citing his disagreement with the band’s lyrics and message. Check out the video below to learn what Olushola Ajose aka Afrikan Boy had to say about Band Aid and the Ebola crisis. We can only highlight that African Boy was not happy with the fact that the whole of Africa is being labelled as Ebola prone by the Band Aid campaign material.

Check Afrikan Boy’s Channel 4 interview below;

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