Ret-RAW Saturdays: Mahmoud Ahmed – Yegeter Ioga

The horn of Africa produces some of the best sounds out of the continent, most of which has not been widely heard across the continent and by the world in general. This can be attributed to repression in some case and also to the language barrier, especially in the case of Ethiopia with its artists singing in the country’s main Amharic language which is not spoken by many across the world. There are however some individuals such as father of Ethio-jazz Mulatu Astatke who managed to make a name for themselves, and others such as Mahmoud Ahmed who was a renowned performer alongside his Roha Band. Ahmed is a 2007 BBC World Music Award winner who has accomplished a lot over many decades and at 73 continues to perform for world music fans and also for the Ethipian diaspora. We recently found this undated performance clip and we decided to share with you all. It is for a song called “Yegeter Ioga” and sung in Amharic, you might not understand the lyrics but you will love and understand the music. Check the video out below;

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