AUDIO ALERT: Slizzy E – ‘Special’

Singing for the Special One: Slizzy E

Singing for the Special One: Slizzy E

Just when we were thinking that we had heard enough anthems from this artist for 2014, he decides to hit us with yet another one before the year 2-14 comes to a close. The admirable crowd pleaser Slizzy E aka Edo Boy has come out again with a song called “Special”. In this festive period of the year, we all have that special someone that we look forward to spending time with and this song is the one for them. However, with it’s melodies accompanied with a fruity underlying Afrobeats which can remind anyone of Africa even if they have never been there, it is a song for everyone. So make sure you request this at your Christmas party and get up on the dancefloor to dance to it and feel ‘special’.

A close source has also revealed to us that the rising star Slizzy is to release the official video of his recent single “Gladiator” featuring J. Martins. That would definitely be a good start of the year 2015. While we anticipate that, get yourself familiar with this perfect feel-good tune produced by TU2.

You can download it here, or by clicking on image,.

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