Fleur East Misses out on the UK X-Factor Final Prize

Disappointed: Fleur East

Tearful: Fleur East

Fleur East wowed the X-Factor final crowd by performing ‘her’ single “Uptown Funk”, originally recorded by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars, and the compulsory single “Something I Need” by One Republic consecutively, but missed out on the final prize to singer and fellow finalist Ben Haenow. The superstar in the making stepped out from the backrooms in a gold jersey on her first solo performance of the night, and sung and danced with high energy. Her performance received very positive reviews from all judges, with main judge and Fleur mentor Simon Cowell expressing his pleasure on seeing Fleur perform. After the performance he said, “Of all the finalists I have ever had on all of these shows in a final, that was THE greatest performance I have ever witnessed.” He however said it was the “closest final he had ever seen” perhaps in acknowledgement of Ben Haenow’s prowess, after both artists had performed the second.

Fleur thanked her fans and said she had had the best time of her life on the show. Her grandfather who was visiting from Ghana and was in the crowd said “I feel she has persistently and consistently improved week by week.”

Fleur’s father then said “I appreciate everything you have done for me as a daughter. I love you.

Following the announcement of the X-Factor final results, a huge number of social media commentators cried foul and blamed racism for the choice made by voters to vote Ben Haenow and expressed that they felt Fleur wh was favourite to win got prejudiced because of her skin colout.

The X-Factor finalists shared the stage with Olly Murrs and Demi Lovato, One Direction and multiple award nominee Sam Smith who performed an extended version of his mega-git single “Stay With Me” alongside a choir on the live stage of the final show. Sam was joined in by the very Christmasy X-Factor crowd towards the end of the song.

Fleur East 3

Performing “Uptown Funk” on the X-Factor 2014 Finals: Fleur East

Fleur East 7

Performing “Something I Need” on the X-Factor 2014 Finals: Fleur East

Fleur East 9

Performing “Something I Need” on the X-Factor 2014 Finals: Fleur East

Fleur East Family 1

Fleur East Mother (left), Grandfather (center) and Father (right) cheering her up

Fleur East Family 2

X-Factor host Sarah-Jane Crawford with Fleur East’s Twin Sister, Mother and Father

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