See Ladi6 go Back to her Roots in Return To Africa

Captured in a 24-minute documentary, Ladi6 returns to Africa on a journey of musical rediscovery.

New Zealand’s neo-soul star Ladi6, aka Karoline Tamati, recently returned to her childhood roots in Africa to rediscover the people and place that inspired her to first make music.

Following her on this emotional journey was her cousin, filmmaker Oscar Kightley, and you can see what happened in the brand new documentary Ladi6 – Return To Africa, presented in the player above.

In the film, Karoline revisits where she was inspired 16 years ago to become a musician, learning the roots of her talents from her father and local Tanzanians, writing her own melodies, lyrics and playing guitar.

The 24-minute documentary sees Ladi6, her partner and producer Parks and their son Phily reunite with house staff Mama and Baba John – two people with whom she forged a close friendship with growing up – as well as concluding a journey of new musical exploration with local musicians (including renowned African artists Nonku Phiri and Lavish 189 at the Red Bull Studios Cape Town) and retooling tracks from her award-winning album Automatic.

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