African (Nigeria & SA) Rap Legends Making a Collabo Album

The two great African rappers are mulling on the idea of doing a collaborative rap project.


Modenine is hailed as Nigeria’s most gifted lyricists. (Decoded Lyrics)

Proverb is seen as one of the pillars of Hip Hop in South Africa. (butanwear)

Proverb is seen as one of the pillars of Hip Hop in South Africa. (butanwear)

When it comes to rap legends in the continent of Africa it doesn’t get any bigger thanModenine from Nigeria, and Proverb from South Africa.

Both lyricists have served as the foundation of Hip Hop in their respective countries by releasing game changing and influential albums within the last decade.

In the twilight of their careers, both acts are currently considering working on a joint album.

On the photo sharing app Instagram, Modenine and Proverb were going back and forth on the possible project. Both legends posted a screenshot of their conversation on their respective accounts.

The caption below Modenine’s photo read “#Modenine @proverbmusic #Promode #The#Album its gonna happen ..#african #Hiphop.”

The tentative title of the collabo album is called ‘ProMode’,derived from their rap monikers.

Proverb is set to release his fifth studio album called ‘The Read Tape’.  Modenine released his sixth album ‘Above Ground Level’ last year.

In 2010, Proverb featured Modenine on a track called ‘ProMode’ off the album ‘Write of Passage’.
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