Archive | January 31, 2015

Ret-RAW Saturdays: Ismaël Lô – Jammu Africa

Senegalese maestro Ismaël Lô is deinitely one of our favourite old school artists here at It is not his first time featuring on our Ret-RAW Saturdays post. He was once featured with one of his other anthems, “Tajabone”. Here is yet another one of his classics, “Jammu Africa”. He can be heard wailing in […]

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“Timbuktu”: A timely African Film on Islam — and a Spectacular Breakthrough

The wrenching, Oscar-nominated “Timbuktu” depicts Mali under jihadist rule — but it’s far more than an issue drama Even when you get past the eerie-coincidence level of Abderrahmane Sissako’s Oscar-nominated “Timbuktu” — a film about the causes, consequences and contradictions of Islamic extremism, made by an African director who lives in France – it’s an […]

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