Ghanaian Musicians Tripple 2 set Records in Europe

Tripple2 With Henkka Niemisto Best Mastering Engineer In Finland

Tripple2 With Henkka Niemisto Best Mastering Engineer In Finland

From the inception of contemporary music forms influenced by hip culture, it is rare to see artistes of African origin make an impact and receive the needed attention from within the Scandinavian region. If anything at all, they are only seen at little gigs within the sparsely populated African communities.

This is the jinx music group of Ghanaian descent, Tripple 2, vowed to break when the Afro Hip Hop group was formed as a professional music recording group five years ago in the Finnish capital of Vantaa.

Tripple 2 comprises of Ghanaian twin brothers, Atsu Akrong, with the stage name Akrong and Etse Akrong, whose stage name is CJ. The group has the talented Veikko Kerman as its official DJ. The group which started with gospel music derived its name from the Christian principle of the Trinity – God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Without a doubt, Tripple 2 is emerging as Europe’s biggest music group of African descent having toured with internationally acclaimed music superstars including Mario, Flo Rida and Lil John across the Scandinavian region, performing their hit tracks back-to-back – i.e. Shawty Gotta Move It, Funky Flame and Alright.

In 2014, the group achieved another milestone in their five year musical journey as recording musicians when their hit single, Funky Flame, was featured in the box office record breaking Finnish movie titled, Korso.

Tripple 2 is currently enjoying heavy rotation on radio and television in Finland, Holland and Estonia and was recently featured in the prestigious and highly respected African music blog- as the first group from Scandinavia to be featured by the website.

As a result of their hard work combined with their creativity and brand marketability, Tripple 2 secured a major record deal with the Finland based AFAES Music (Africans and African-European Music Group), a label which focuses on developing African artists based in the Scandinavian region. Finland, Helsinki. AFAES Music is a division of AFAES Association.

About their motivation, Akrong indicated that “we have been inspired to become the first African group from Finland to be successful and break into mainstream music on the global platform to put ourselves and country on the global map as far as music is concerned”

On his part, CJ attributed their motivation to the great team they are working with. “we cannot afford to disappoint our team especially, Aleksi Nurmi, who works the magic behind the sounds and production and our manager Richmond Ghansah”, he added.

In the next five years, Tripple 2 is aspiring to be performing at the biggest platforms internationally and also be recognized by winning top notch awards schemes across the world.

Tripple 2 is a group which has come to stay and in the words of their manager, Richmond Ghansah, “we want the fans to know we are here to stay and the vision is to take the group onto the global music platform”.

Tripple 2 – “Alright”

Tripple 2 – “Funky flame”

Tripple 2 ft Young One & OJ – “To The Top”

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