VIDEO ALERT: Moving Music Tribute to Nelson Mandela on 25th Anniversary of His Release

NELSON MANDELA loved music (even the Spice Girls!) and on the 25th anniversary of his release from prison South African star David Aldo pays tribute to Nelson Mandela’s life in song.

Music ‘moved and strengthened’ Nelson Mandela.

And that loved was returning a thousand times over by everyone from Bono to The Spice Girls.

Pop and rock stars threw their support behind him during his inprisonment and then flocked to side when he was finally released.

February 11 2015 marks the momentous day 25 years ago when the world’s greatest freedom fighter, Nelson Mandela, was freed.

His work and incredible efforts are forever etched in the history books, making him one of the greatest and most influential figures of our time.

But where did this incredible man find the mental strength to fight so courageously for so long?

South African music star David Aldo met Mandela twenty-five years ago whilst the great man was celebrating his release on his Freedom Tour.

Meeting Mandela in person on that day gave Aldo an insight into his character and left an indelible memory.

“He was very moved by music,” Aldo comments.

“I was performing during Mandela’s freedom tour and he stopped to listen to me.

“When I’d finished he hugged me personally with a tear in his eye, I could see that music was an important factor in his life.

“He’s a powerful man in so many ways and I never forgot that moment when we embraced, it was truly amazing.”

Nelson Mandela with Prince Charles and The Spice Girls in 1997 [GETTY]

Nelson Mandela with Prince Charles and The Spice Girls in 1997 [GETTY]

As a leading figure in South Africa with seven No1 hits in that territory, Aldo personally felt the need to acknowledge Mandela’s incredible life.

“I felt compelled to give something back to the country that had given so much to me,” Aldo smiles.

“So I wrote “Madiba” as an 80th birthday present to Mandela.

“He’d given so much hope and strength to so many people throughout his life and I felt compelled to return the favour.

“I know how much music meant to him, how much it moved and strengthened him, so I wrote “Madiba” as a gift of ‘thanks’, not just from me, but from the whole of South Africa.”

David Aldo’s UK debut album David Aldo is released on April 6

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