Ret-RAW Saturdays: Pepe Kalle – Gerant

Before The Notorious BIG and Rick Ross took the hearts of all those fans who love the voice and appearance of fat boy entertainers, there was the DRC’s Pepe Kalle…for most Africans at least. He was known for such signature tunes as “Gerant”, a must play at all African weddings and parties for a very long period of time…and maybe even till now. Gerant is a fast paced tune deserving a lot of hyped up dances. Pepe himself hardly ever moved in his music videos, but that is not why he was popular with his fans. He was most highly regarded for his stamp on the Soukous genre. The history of African music is not complete without the mention of Pepe Kalle’s name especially in the 80’s and 90’s era. Check out the video for “Gerant” below, and you will understand our point;

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