DJ Edu: In Search of the Best Nightclub in Africa

As part of the BBC’s A Richer World season, world-renowned DJ and BBC Radio 1Xtra presenter DJ Edu goes in search for The Best Nightclub in Africa.

Nostalgic: DJ Edu

Nostalgic: DJ Edu

In this programme, DJ Edu avoids the more established nightlife in the continent to discover some of the best clubs and neighbourhood nightspots where a new generation of Africans are choosing to spend their money. The stories and nightclubs not only illustrate the latest music trends throughout Africa, but also shine a light on the local economy, the culture of the districts and a new creative middle class.

DJ Edu’s journey takes him back to Nairobi in Kenya, where he was born and raised. Here he meets DJ Brownskin whose career in music began on the matatus – or public buses – by selling mixes that made it into the clubs.

Meanwhile, in Gaborone in Botswana, the government have been enforcing an early close on nightclubs and putting a tax on alcohol. However, while nightclubs are shutting down, young people are creating huge parties in car parks where they dance until dawn under the stars.

DJ Edu also heads to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to party with the Society for Ambience-makers and Elegant People, where the men dress beautifully in designer clothes and are loved by people in the region.

In Marrakech in Morocco, DJ Edu finds a modern clubbing scene contrasted with traditional Berber music in the central square. He meets with top DJs and musicians to discuss how both aspects of Morocco’s culture are combining to create a new style of music called ‘Afro-bian’.

Finally, DJ Edu ends his journey in Johannesburg in South Africa where he broadcasts live from the city and learns more about the contemporary African music scene.

The radio documentary will also include specially recorded acoustic sessions, as well as musicians’ impressions on how their countries have got richer and what their music says about contemporary Africa. DJ Edu hears from top African musicians, including Sauti Sol from Kenya, DJ Gouveia and MMP Family from Botswana and Kaysha from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Watch The Best Nightclub in Africa on Saturday, 28 March at 06:30 and 18:30 on BBC World News, channel 400 on DStv. It will also air on Sunday, 29 March at 12:30 on BBC World News.

The documentary will air on BBC World Service, channel 850 on DStv, at 20:00 on Saturday, 4 April.

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