The Beat of Mother Africa in Australia

Shining, Africa

Shining, Africa

A DRUM will be given to every person in the audience at Drumstruck.

The show will have 17 performers on stage and hundreds of musicians in the audience.

Director Warren Lieberman said the South African performance was not just a show where they shared their traditional culture and music.

“We create music with the audience together,” he said. “We give a drum to everyone in the audience to play along with us.

“We show them how to play them and they create music. The show is more about the audience than about us.

“Our job is to make everyone in the audience feels like a musician and to leave them with the desire to learn and play more.”

To say that the performance on stage is secondary to the audience drumming experience does not do justice to the high energy dancing, music playing and the colourful costumes in this show. There will be four costume changes in the show they are bringing, with two traditional set of outfits, a contemporary one and the “gumboots” look.

The cast includes performers from South Africa, Ghana and Nigeria, and the director is proud of the group of professionals he’s put together.

Lieberman said this show included female drummers, which was not common in Africa.

“South Africa is the only African country where women have traditionally been allowed to play drums,” he said. “Our female drummers, Adeefa and Nkhensani, are the best female drummers in South Africa.”

They group will perform at the MECC on April 29.

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